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Just a quick question

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First of all I hope I'm not asking a question that has already been answered (though it probably has).

Is there any information weather the servers 2 & 3 will return soon? or if server 1 will be fixed so you don't need to downgrade ArmA 2 OA?

thanks for your time!

-Victor Wylie xoxo

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S2 and S3 might not return...

Seeing as Epoch is a big "trend" it might stay there for a while,so don't expect anything miracoulous.

S1 will be fixed,in time,but I have faith in kravok !

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Well server 3 is an overflow server, and the servers have been pretty empty lately, so I assume it won't be back any time soon. Server2 was replaced with the Epoch server, and I am unsure whenever or not Epoch is here to stay.

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Server 3 used to be a test server, but when streamers and youtubers came to play, it was changed to an overflow server. At the moment Epoch seems to be pretty popular, so S2 will most likely stay as Epoch for the time being.

For S3, I am unsure of its current future. It may be used as a test/overflow server again, or could be a brand new server completly!

Also this will be best suited to go in the Questions section of the forums located here: http://www.dayzrp.com/f-questions

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