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Skin Activation Problems

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I have read the other post on this but that has not help.

So today I got white-listed :D and after joining the server and exiting to lobby, I am unable to activate my skin. I play on "DayZ Epoch" through DayZ Commander. Also, my IGN is not coming up, it is coming up with my normal user. "James Pac" instead of "James "Ghost" Pac"

I followed all instructions correctly and have had no luck.

I have selected "Activate" multiple times today but the site says this: Last Used: 2014-01-06 20:37:58

Time Now: 2014-01-07 17:29:33

Thank you for any help in advance :D

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DayZRP skins don't work on Epoch because DayZ Epoch doesn't have the DayZRP Assets.

They were removed and will be added later.

Also posting info like GUID should be avoided so edit that fast.

Skins work only on RP1.

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Skins are not available on Epoch yet, they were disabled.

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Guest Vespah

As these fine gentlemen above said, DayZRP Assets was disabled on the server. The server is running on the core/vanilla Epoch mod. However, a toned down version of Assets (just for skins) Is being worked on.

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Guest Biiddy

Closing this as the answer has been given above, as stated skins do not work on DayZRP Epoch for now, devs are currently working on fixing this.


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