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Help, for some reason it's not letting me join through the launcher!

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So yeah, I just got a brand new computer that can run DAYZ well enough. So I decide to play some RP. Well I downloaded everything that you guys said to download, and I installed the launcher, and the launcher automatically installs missing files or the mods you guys let through like the acex mod. But when I go to play I get this huge error message saying I can't join because I have the acex mod installed. So I delete the mods and try to play and I still can't. Anyone have any idea how to help? Thank You.

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I believe you are trying to join the Epoch server correct?

The launcher runs the wrong version/has Assets installed that are no longer in the Epoch server. You'll have to download Epoch off of DayZ commander and join through there.

If your not joining Epoch please say so :P

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Did you hit retry on the launcher after deleting all the files? Verify your arma 2 CO cache, reinstall the mod, you tried any of those yet. I'm just saying random shit that has helped me in the past.

If its Epoch, you need to use DayZ commander

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Guest Pandi

You have the DayZRP mod enabled or DayZRP assets. You no longer need the DayZRP Epoch assets for the DayZRP Epoch server, all you need is the latest update on the Epoch mod.

Which you can find on DayZ Commander: Instal/Update -> DayZ Epoch Mod -> Install that.


If you prefer to do things manually.


Download DayZ Epoch Mod -> After downloading open up: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead -> Move the Epoch mod folder in to this folder.

Once you have the latest update, launch ArmA 2 OA and only have Epoch mod enabled. If you are trying to join RP1 Server 1 then you need DayZRP Mod enabled and that is it.

If you launch Epoch through DayZ Commander, make sure you have no launch perimeters otherwise you will get another error message.

Good luck.

Edit: I'd suggest joining the servers through DayZ Commander or by launching ArmA 2 OA, the DayZRP launcher is a little buggy sometimes.

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