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Guest Forodin

How's it going?

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Guest Forodin


Just wanted to drop a post saying how excited I am to join up on this RP you all have going on.

Before I submit an application, I just wanted some general feedback.

I have an idea for two characters,

One of which is an actor, model and all around celebrity. Him surviving is pretty much a gift, since he doesn't have much survival skill at all, having lived a pampered life. However, to effectively and logically play a movie-star, it would require that players actively acknowledge my character as a movie star, and possibly have heard of movies he's in, which I could post within his application, (I'd probably post like a full filmography, which I actually think would be pretty radical, haha.)

But yeah! I think it would add some diversity to the roleplay, but I understand that such a character is like, kinda' pretentious. I don't want to march around demanding people to know my character, or deem him reputable. So I wanted feedback before I gave the green light and wrote him out.

Another character would be a concept artist for video games. This would be the fallback character, identical in appearance to the actor, but with a different storyline that doesn't demand people feed into the RP.

Again, post your feedback and let me know what you think of the actor idea! If it gets positive feedback, and people are willing to roll along with it, I'll make the character. But if not, I can make a back-up!

Appreciate it, look forward to RPing with you all!

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Welcome to the community!

I really like the idea of a stubborn movie star turned survivor. It could create some fantastic RP for you and the people that recieve it. One tip for it would to create a movie star native to one location. As Chernarus is in South Zagoria/Russian Coastline, I would recommend your actor be from somewhere such as the UK or US. This way not many people will know who you are, which will relieve you of that stress. You could still RP as expecting everyone to know who you are though! :D

I must say I can already tell you'll be a great addition to the community from your ideas, good luck and stay safe!

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