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Andrew White signing in

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Hey guys. Heard about your awesome community from my fellow gamers in Eve Online, so i am gona give a try, hope to get accepted, it's been 3 days since i wrote whitelist app. I'm a dayz veteran, RP game style lover. Playing arma 3 altis life on BWG servers activly.

My ingame name is Andrew White. I hope i will meet with you guys ingame soon. You will easily recognize me since i travel with my dog Johhny. He keeps me safe from Zeds at night and warm in cold nights. I'm heading north, where my wife and 2 kids have baricaded them self in our house. My older son is in need of medical supplys since he has asthma. We have limited supplys in our vacation house so i hope i can join with my family ASAP.

See you in game o/

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Welcome man!

Any RP experience is great to have! Good luck on your application!

Stay active and get involved with the community!

Need a hand, message me! :)

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Guest Pandi

Welcome to DayZRP!

Their is also a Altis Life RP server, that we have up.

If you'd like to check that out, go to: www.altisrp.com

Your story seems really interesting, maybe you should make a thread on your roleplay story in the roleplaying section on the forums! :)

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or any of the staff members for help.

Good luck with your whitelist application and I hope to meet you in-game soon!

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