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Both patches necessary? Extraction?

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Ok, hello :)

My question is this: are both patches necessary to download (1.3.2 / or is it just

Also, where do I extract these files to?

Last question: Where did the DayZ epoch assets/panthera assets go on the DL page?

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Guest Pandi

Hey man, you only need the latest Epoch update and that is it.

You don't need the DayZRP Epoch assets either anymore, as they are working on a few fix's for it. You also no longer need the launch parameters for Epoch Assets.

So you should just start up DayZRP Epoch like its a normal epoch server, but when you get on obviously remember the rules and the roleplay. :)

Hope I answered your question, if you have anymore feel free to PM me!

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For the normal server (S1) Easiest way is to download the launcher, you can download the launcher here.

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