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Battleye Issue - DayZRP S1

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I have updated my DayZRP and can get into the game itself. I get the pop up saying 'Script Scan Complete' and can play for around 15-40 seconds more. After this time has pasted i get kicked and receive an error message saying 'Battleye - Failed To Update'.

Please post in here and help me solve this frustrating issue.



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Well have you tried manaully updating battleye? I think it was a thread a while ago about a person having the same issue, let me see if I can dig it up.

Couldn't find any thread, but I would still recommend trying to manually update it. The lateast update can be found here http://battleye.com/

"Failed to update: For some reason your BattlEye Client is not able to download new updates from the BE Master Server - most likely related to your internet connection. Please download the most recent version for your game from the download page and manually update your BE Client."

Quote from BE website.

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Guest Vespah

If you are using steam navigate to:

Library > Right Click Operation Arrowhead > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity.

It will should reinstall BE but Im not sure. Its worth a try.

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Guest Pandi

As their is both answers to your question above, just going to add a bit to it.

'Battleye - Failed To Update'. - Just means that you don't have the latest update and you need to go and download it, their is links above for you to go and get it.

Good luck with this problem, if you still have problems after, let me know.

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