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Journal Of a First time RolePlayer. #3

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Previous Journal: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-journal-of-a-first-time-roleplayer-2?pid=487789#pid487789

12:30 pm 03/01/2014

Start of day three: Hey Journal, I better get crawling. I'm about 10 minutes walking distance from klen so it might take awhile. I'm having to be alot more mindfull of the Zombies Being slow and all.

1:30 pm 03/01/2012+2

Start of day three: Well Journal, I made it to Trader city Klen. after a full hour of crawling. Starting screaming "Help! Help me!" "my legs! OH god my legs!" when I was just outside. Fortunately ther was a guy (I think his name was Derrick) there and he helped me out. Not long after I met him I noticed he was coughing. I knew he had an infection, but my character didn't. So I was a bit hesitant to return the kindness. And thats when the Free Medics defence squad rolled up.

2:30 pm 03/01/2014

Middle of day three: My character wasn't to sure who they were or what they were even at Klen for but they helped out my new friend by giving him a blood bag. So they were cool in My book. Half wanting to learn more about them and Half wanting to not be alone my character went with them to the Free Medics camp. While Derrick got looked over by one of the doctors I asked if I could help and they set me to work (with the other doctors) chopping down some trees and making lumber. Which I was more than happy to do.

4:30 pm 03/01/2014

Middle of day three: After realising that I'd been making lumber for an hour and I was the only one still doing it I decided my character was bored. SO he walked round to the front of the complex to go hunting when I get see one of the Defence Squad. We are talking for a while and I look away from the screen for a minute and the cheeking bugger is giving me a blood bag (only god knows why?). What makes the whole thing bad is that the blood was infected! So one rocky Helicopter ride to pick up some Antibiotics for me (Which had to be stopped half way so my character could vomit), and we were good to go hunting.

5:30 pm 03/01/2014

End of day three: Dear Journal. My wife is nagging at me to go out for a walk to the mall with her. She just wants me to carry her things while she shops. Well Screw that! More Roleplay! Once I got back at the Free Medic base I headed east towards the NE air field because thats where I was told the best hunting was. After stumbling across and killing several poor defenceless animals. Two men in a UAZ drove up to me and one of them got out to try and rob me. After Quite a bit of talking and I snide remark about Guns making alot more noise than Hachets he let me go without losing anything. Lucky! Ok Journal, Protip: if you want to go somewhere dangerous and not get robbed take almost nothing and be abit cheeky. See ya Tomorrow Journal.

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