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Whitelist Age Restriction

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Like said over and over again, this cannot be done. You expect the staff to interview every individual person? Thats thousands of people. There was no limit in the past, and it shows that with a rule it was more effective for a better experience for everybody.

Sorry, you'll just have to accept it and move on. Making a thread is pointless

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Yeah I agree that is to much for staff to have to do to find the exception to the rule. Not to mention that the content of some of the RP is at a level that we need a minimum age. I am sure if some of the parents of kids that want to play this heard the language and such that we use in various situations on here they would agree. If I had a kid I would not allow them near DayZRP. I feel when the age was instituted it should have been retroactive and removed all members under the age.

If I remember ARMA2 has an age rating of either 16+ or 18+ and requires you to enter date of birth so if you bought it and downloaded it then in my opinion it shows a lack of maturity to tell the truth and therefore not mature enough to be here

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We dont do Interviews.

We had this discussion before. You are not the first and you will not be the last one who is asking.

Next time, please use the search-function.

Thank you.


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