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Trouble shooting my DayZRP Epoch to a crash

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Can someone help me please. I have just figured out how to play the DayZRP Epoch from the DayZ commander. I just got in today maybe played an hour on the server and just finshed looting NWAF right when I got into my truck my game crashed and popped up this message.

Warning: preNLOD format in object ca\data\flag_usa_co.paa

Can someone please help me!


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Guest Biiddy

Try restarting the game and your computer, if that does not work, then you may need to re-install Arma 2 OA

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Guest Pandi

Have you managed to solve this now man? Or do you still need some help?

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Seems like an issue with someones xml or maybe another random USflag image. arma uses .paa for images i believe.

edit: nvm, just read the number 11.

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