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Rogério SkyLab

SkyLab's Daily Journal

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Day One

I woke up in a place that i didn't recognize. When I got myself up, i felt the sand in my feet. Them I made a little camp with some materials that were with my boat. And i slept right there. I think about what happened to start this infection? And how it got itself in the USS Mart Luster. What i remember is that in my first official mission as a Marine, was get in the damn Aircraft Carrier, and go to Asia, and in the middle of the way, Rick, my friend, die because an accident in the engine of the USS M.S and 3 hours after his death, he come back to life, but not as a human, but like a monster. He bit almost everyone in dining hall. Me and some 20 other Marines could escape in the Escape Boat. Never thought I would need to use one of them. The 2 other soldier that came with me, died of starvation and dehydration, and I lost vision of the other boats that were with me, and when the fuel cans went empty, it was the end, when my boat crashed into land, and all I can remember is that i walker 3 steps on the sand and I passed out. Damn, what an story to tell to someone, they could make a movie about it, but i don't think Earth is in conditions to do this. That's all folks. If you are reading this, hope I still alive. If I don't, man, good luck out there. My name is Rogério Teixera, also called "SkyLab", lived in Brazil till my 15 years old with my father hunting to survive. them i joined the Marines after my father's death.

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