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Missing files for Epoch

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So when i try and connect to the server i get this message:


Does anyone know of a solution to this?

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Don't enable DayZRP. Enable DayZRP assets and epoch only.

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so do i need to install the epoch mod then??

Yea you need to download it aswell, like this:


- Download latest DayZ Epoch from DayZ Commander

- Download DayZRP Epoch Assets from one of the mirrors on the Download page and Panthera if you want to play on Panthera server.

DO NOT use the normal @DayZRP folder instead of Assets, even though it might work to begin with we don't support it and may result it bugs.

- Extract the @Panthera and/or @DayZRP_Epoch to your ArmA2:OA folder (where your normal @DayZRP folder is)

- Run the game with extra parameters:

"[email protected]_Epoch" for Epoch Chernarus

"[email protected];@DayZRP_Epoch" for Epoch Panthera

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