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I was hoping anyone could help me with a problem I am having when I attempt to join Chernarus epoch. It's telling me the following:


Things I've done:

Copied all files from Arma 2 to Arma 2 AO

Tried joining another Epoch server (succeeded)

Are my files in the right place?


Thank you in advance!

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Guest Pandi

I had this, I just re-downloaded the DayZRP Epoch assets and it started working.

Have you tried re-downloading?

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Did you make sure to include [email protected]_Epoch as the starting parameters in DayZ Commander?


I had the same problem, as I had entered "DayZ_Epoch" instead of "DayZRP_Epoch".

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Yeah, what Wolf and teas926 have said is correct. The error message you get kicked for are all the files we use on RP so it's saying you are missing them.

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