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First DayZRP Stand Alone Experience: Disinfectant Spray

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My first hour of the standalone and I thought I'd share my story :)

(OOC Version)

Once I logged in, I instantly realized I spawned just outside of Elektro. Then I hear some coughing. I followed the source of the coughing to a man who was barely dragging himself along the road; he was barely alive. I learn that he is new to DayZ and I tell him there is a hospital in the city nearby and that I'd take him there. He accepted my help and we made our way into the city. As the hospital came into sight, the stranger saw another man run into a warehouse nearby. We decided to investigate. Upon entering the warehouse, we see the guy getting mauled by a zombie and we instantly take out our crowbars and save the guy. All while shouting friendly of course. After the second stranger bandages himself, I offer to take him along with us to the hospital and see if I can transfuse blood for the both of them. Both of them were dangerously thirsty. In the hospital, we found nothing. Somebody had looted it clean just before we came. As I started my way downstairs, I heard a cry of joy. I ran upstairs and saw the first stranger downing a bottle of disinfectant spray. He was so thirsty, it had caused him to drink that shit. He started feeling sick and I say we should check the roof to see if there's anything that can cure the sickness. The roof was empty and his condition was declining. I told him to wait on the roof while I go back down to check if the 2nd stranger found anything. I found the 2nd stranger outside the front of the hospital and we started talking about a plan to get supplies. Half-way through our conversation, I hear from the rooftop, "Fuck the world! Fuck me! Thank you for your help, but I can not help myself any longer!" I look up just as he jumps of the roof and lands with a sickening thump on the ground next to me. He's dead. The 2nd stranger and I were mortified, but we decided to split his meager items and go explore the rest of the city. Somewhere between that moment and when we decided to log off, the 2nd stranger took a bullet to the leg and almost died. Luckily we managed to duck into the one of now many enter-able buildings and escape through a back entrance.

That was my first hour in DayZRP Standalone. It was a great experience. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

*If you want to see a IC version, I'll be writing one in my character journal here shortly!


The first stranger


Made it to the hospital with the 2nd stranger I picked up! Time to look for the tools to transfuse blood for them!


The stranger I tried to help lost his mind after drinking disinfectant spray and jumped off the roof. The thump was sickening D:


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Hahaha, this is great :) I had a similar experience but my companion died from my blood not being his type :( I love this and I hope to see more of these. You may have just made my night xD

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