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Guest AriKoll

Hello, Poeple of DayZRP

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Guest AriKoll


My name is Aaron and ingame i used to go around as Schachmatti have beene playing arma for ages now and got into DayZ the day it kinda released good 'ol days ;) Now i found this community through watching Lets play's of PsiSyndicate (Dat Accent) so i tought hey lets see what it is.

More about me hmmmpf i am Aaron 18 Years old and a fan of RTS and MMO games on the side i play some indie but i rlly stick and love to play Milsim's or Tactical shooters ( RO2 BIA etc... ) So yeah hey i hope i get whitelisted and get some RP'ing going on

Greets Aaron :)

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Guest magw33d

Greetings, initiate Aaron, welcome to the server.

Take a good look around, while you wait for your whitelist to be approved.

Reading up on some of the local inhabitants will help you in the wasteland.

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