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Epoch Panthera Login Problems

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I have the DayZRP Epoch assets downloaded and extracted into my Arma 2 OA folder along with my @Panthera, @DayZRP and @Epoch Download. I have also set the parameters to [email protected];@DayZRP_Epoch" for Epoch Panthera.

After I have done all this I try to open the game with DayzCommander and I get to the 'Waiting For Host' page and then it starts to load players in and my name shows in red and then it kicks me back to the lobby.

Can you please help me resolve this matter as I do not have a clue why it is doing this.

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  • MVP

Have got the mods fully updated to their latest version?

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  • MVP

Yes i do

Hmm, well. I'd suggest just hoping that someone clever has a solution because all of what you've described is all I have and I'm able to play them..

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Guest magw33d

Is there a possibility someone you know can tell you the error message when you get kicked? This will give a clearer indication of what is going wrong.

I do not receive an error message when i get kicked.

No, I'm asking if anyone can look to see if there is one when you get kicked, not if you can see one yourself. You won't be able to see the red error messages that everyone gets in chat when you are booted off the server.

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  • Emerald

I just had to re-install several times, that it is.

I guess I better get on that

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