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DayZRP Standalone Friendly list.

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Basically, post the name(s) that you use on the 'DayZ NL 3-489' server so if we encounter each other in-game, we don't all run away from each other.

Names will be added to the list.

DayZRP players:

[Forum name - In game name]

Hessian - Captain Jack/Llewellyn Gadorn

Neo-Con - Brandon Simpson

Alan Woods - Alan Woods

WaltteriH - Häkkinen

Symmetrical - EchoBoris

Wolf. - Wolf

Alexanderfro - Marino Froyd

Tamaster92 - Tamaster92

Frayzies - Frayzies

SeamusThePro - MyNameIsSeamus

Hofer - Hofer

PublicVoodoo - PublicVoodoo

Gina - Gina

UsedPasta_ - UsedPasta_

ZettaByte - YoLo_MasTeR

DeadAntelope - DeadAntelope

Sgt Dro - Don Dro

Whitepointer - Nigrojust

Mattbro - Mattbrahh

Kakan - Kakan

Anxiousity - Anxiousity

RoCKiE - Alex McCarthy

Olledabest - Nilsson

Double0nothing4 - Bulldog

SirDoctor - Dr. Space Magic

Zod - Zod

MyNameIsCallen - MyNameIsCallen

DoctorHans910 - DoctorHans910

Haze - Haze

Siorre - Siorre=HKC=

SpoonerIV - Fraser Martin

SluteGeneral - SluteGeneral

Recki - Recki

HatchBackBandit - HatchBackBandit

Wrighty - Wrighty

Arcus - ThatOneScrub

ActionMan - ActionMan

WraithZlt - Wraithzlt

Tamingatche91 - Tamingatche91

Reptile449 - Soup Doge

AceAviators - Ace Aviators.

funnyfacegaming - Fooz

ShadowDrakgon - Alexei Antom

Shanoby - Shanoby

simiskovich - Simiskovich

Trimbly - Trimbly

Traveller - Traveller

carib3200 - Ranger Carib

FruitPunchG - FruitPunchG

Niclas - LordnicLP

Zenchic - Dr.Sophia

SeamusThePro - Séamus

Yekiza - Husky/Yekza

TheMushM - Mush

Sovie - Sovie

Cedrea - Cedry2k

Khardia - Khardia

thewarmachine18 - Sean Connor

Graffels - Graffels

Toorrik - Toorrik

Robbin - Tympanic

Jicster98 - JICSTER98

SweetJoe - Sweetjoeksky

Deadplex - Deadplex

EchoZeero - EchoZeero

JaredtheJerk - JaredtheJerk

Nihoolious - Nihoolious

shleal225 - Connor MacManus

tnkydoe - Tinky

Snowkea - Sierra

Bushseaman - Bushseaman

Bobob11 - Jimbobob111

finjesse - finjesse

Vivallion - Teslabot

Astycc - Astycc

Kelster - Artyom Belinsky

June - Hans


Vulric - Vulric

Jackerz101 - Jackerz

teas926 - David Taylor/Ray Spreadbury

Whitefur22 - [tpt]Whitefur22

Sidewinder - Side-Weiner

Pixel115 - Joseph Bronze

ZPrice58 - Zack Price

Phantoms J - Phantom

StevenCrux - StevenCrux

Saalpeter - jonaselem

CannedPakes - CannedPakes

Ganjalf - GaNjAlF 3ö~

Ahnìon - Mark "the Count" Grenfell.

LucaG982 - LucaG982

Pandi - Pandi

TightPants - Kapitan Uzkiye Bryuki

Texas532 - Texas

Soop - Mac

Apfelsator - Joshua Norton

Bryan - Bryan

SumoS - SumoS/Doktor. James Maseksky

TheNeoX - Slawo 'Russia' / Neox

FranZ - FranZ

iamlsn - Brian Hightower

StanTheStag - StanTheStag

Andy123 - Andy

James - Cuttsie_22

Waltz - Walt

Martt - =TP= Martt

Nagita - Nathalie Gines

Lucan - Tusk-man_

Major Tom - Major Tom

Persson - jmazder

Kyle Barker - C0DE

PalmtreeWhale - -M.Hbr- Kjeld

Isaac - Isaac Odinssen

Nickson - Nickolai Loring

broz70 - Berko Rudo

ArcticStarling - Ed Holmes

Corks007 - Corks007

Kanen - Kanen

ThirtySev3n - Best in the World/Chip Chipperson

DinoB - DinoB

Fozzy - Fozzy

Mantispro13 - Jamie Dixon

alexnedea - windghost

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Guest WaltteriH

Häkkinen - meh

Friendly :troll:?

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Alan Woods

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Häkkinen - meh

Friendly :troll:?

Not necessarily 'friendly', but not as barbaric and more open to socializing (whether it be robbery or not).

Basically a list so we know who's from DayZRP.

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Guy hiding in bushes with weapon raised and shouts "Get down on the floor and drop your weapons & backpack next to you or you will be shot. You have 10 seconds" - Friendly

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Believe it or not

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Frayzies - Frayzies

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Frayzies - Frayzies

Yes, I saw Frayzies today. Thanks for reminding me.

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PublicVoodoo - PublicVoodoo

Watchout guys I'm friendly but yesterday was KoS'd at Balota.

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Believe it or not

Hofer - Hofer (as long as I'm not hungry or thirsty)

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Just be gentle.

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Gina - Gina

Friendly... until I'll get enough of being KoSed ;)

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Guest whitepointer

Whitepointer - Nigrojust - Friendly Aussie

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Anxiousity - Anxiousity

Friendly, well...

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