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My hello with a few Qs

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Hi I'm StevenCrux, likely my first DayZRP character will be Steven "Crux" Vardelle.

So...thanks to DayZRP, I'm finally 100% interested in DayZ. So I'm going to go ahead and go through all the steps here, since I hear getting whitelisted can take a little while, and if all that goes well, then I'll likely be actually GETTING ArmaII, I MAY even have it by the time I get everything done and get whitelisted BUT figured I'd make sure it's okay to start the process before getting the game...would hate to buy it mainly for DayZRP just to not get in.

I have a great character story planned, that will give people (hopefully) some unique experiences in-game as well as interesting stuff to read on the forums.

Guess the question in all that is making sure it's okay to start the joining process before purchasing the game?

EDIT: I do realize that the whitelist app requires a GUID which will be something I can only get after getting the game...guess I meant more so perhaps character bios and forum activity, assume that helps some in the whitelist consideration.

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To be honest I have read your post and I am not 100% what you are asking.

However I would encourage you to start your backstory and looking over the forums especially the rules and the Wiki before attempting an application. You can certainly get feedback on questions here but be sure to use the search function before posting a question as lost have already been asked and people can get really gggrrr if it's a common question.

You are correct about the GUID thing and just so you are aware you need Arma 2 and OA addon.

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Well that's why I posted this more as my "Hello", and THOUGHT I'd have more questions by the end...turns out I really didn't, as well as within 5 mins of posting I pretty much had all my answers just through reading. It's very likely I'll be grabbing ArmaII:CO today or tomorrow...even if I'm still working on back-story and waiting to be whitelisted it also gives me time to get a little used to controls on normal servers.

And as I said in the edit, realizing I need the GUID, I understand I can't really start my whitelist process till I buy it anyway.

Will hopefully have my Character Bio up here shortly =)

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So first app failed for my KoS answer =( (I filled it out while rather sleep deprived...honestly expected more to be wrong), but got my 2nd in the SECOND I could re-apply lol.

Worst part...I now have a teasing message of "DayZRP 1.3.2 test patch has been deployed!

Please help us stress test!" on the top and I keep yelling at it "OH I SO WANT TO!" lol

Look forward to seeing you all in-game and IC soon =) (unless i flunk again...DayZRP is harder then school tests...never flunked those =P)

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