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GUID question

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Hello everyone! So I am pretty new here, I recently was white listed, however I have not had a chance to join the server due to computer issues. After much troubleshooting of the problems at hand, I have decided to do a clean install of windows 7.

In my white list app I provided two different ID's, a GUID, and another which I cannot remember the name of. My question is after I cleanly re install windows, download Arma 2, and download the DayZ commander, will my GUID change? Will I still be able to join the server under the my white listed GUID?

I hope that I worded that correctly and my question is understandable. If you have any questions about my situation please ask.

Thanks in advance


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Your GUID and PID (Player ID) will not change as long as you are using the same CD key. If they do change however, you can have Rolle reset your PID / GUID easily.

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