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Leaving-(For a certain period of time)

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Hey guys decided to say good-bye for a short time for a couple of reasons which i will list of course. The reason i am writing this is because if someone were to ask "Hey whatever happened to Viktor Chebrikov?" and as i said i have some reasons as to why which now will be explained. One of the reasons is because i don't have the time anymore right now in my life to properly put time into Role-playing or really playing in general. Second reason is because the Mod is broken a bit and i can't work out on how to put the addons and Assets in properly ( Nor do i have the patience xD). As always the third and final reason is because i'm sure right now it is getting pretty confusing with the servers turning to Epoch and even another Day Z map in general, a change, which i will wait for to become a bit more stable. Been fun and hilarious on some occasions playing with you guys but know that i will return when i can have the time to put the time and effort into this mod that it deserves. Thank you all for a wonderful experience Merry Christmas (Or Happy Holidays whichever you prefer) and i hope to see you all in the future. Bye! :)

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