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appeal on behalf of ChrisTronn for unban from teamspeak, website and game

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link to report : i was banned from teamspeak and the website and game for advertising but i wasnt, i was sending a link to a website to a friend who was in the channel with me and i accidently posted it publicly causing the ban.

Why the verdict is not fair :

i wasnt advertising or being malicious i was just sending a friend a website link.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : my friend jack oneill asked me for a website link and i as i sent him the link it was mistakenly in the wrong channel hence it looked liked advertising but was infact a silly mistake

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : unbanning from the teamspeak and website and game as soon as possible.

What could you have done better? be more alert to where im posting links to friends.

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We've came to the conclusion that you have sent in a public channel a link to a mod download that isn't ours using DayZRP's servers and this is advertising. Be it a mistake or not, it is still considered advertising as people were able to see it.

TS isn't a place to share such links anyway as making mistakes is easy.

Therefore, the appeal is denied.

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