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Arma2 AO Launching Problem

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Hello! When I attempt to launch the DayZRP servers through the DayZRP Launcher, I continually get a crash that has an error message that says: "ArmA2 AO: wrong serial number given in start-up". I've already checked my game CD-keys and they are both valid. How do I fix this?

Also, before this problem started with the new patch, I had another issue with a co/data/flag_usa_co.paa file that had the wrong key to it. I don't know how to fix either of these problems. It caused my game to crash either immediately or shortly after playing on the server.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest magw33d

Ensure that battleye, OA and Arma 2 (and the latest OA beta patch) are updated and run for the first time (to validate your serial)

Ensure that dayzrp is updated, and if you are doing an update I recommend deleting your original files and replacing them with the archived files (not the launcher), as there have been some inconsistencies with the launcher replacing altered files in the update.

co/data/flag_usa_co.paa is a key file that holds flag textures included in arma 2. I'm not sure if this is altered with dayzrp due to custom flags, but I would verify the consistancy of your arma 2 files through steam, which would check to see if your files are corrupted in any way, and download any inconsistent files.

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