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Cal Cooper

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Cal Cooper was born in a small town in Texas, United States. He had a older brother and a younger sister. Cal was always the good kid in the house never really getting into trouble. During High school he stood out with his brain and his bronze. He did very well in school and even better in the sports he played. He was living a great life until one day during Cal's senior year in high school. His home caught fire taking with it Cal's entire family. Cal went into deep depression and confusion after this and decided to join the Marines. This allowed him to get his mind back on straight and after 4 years a glorified service he left. He moved north into the suburban cities. He lived in Chicago for a couple years loosing his accent and becoming more urban. He worked his way up through a corporate business. He was not making lots of money but he was getting by. And then one day when the infection broke out Cal did all he could to help. He flew over to Chernarus on a flight as the guard. He was hoping for a new place to start and so were the people on the flight. As soon as they landed a zombie horde attacked and Cal and the rest of the survivors scattered out. This is when Cal Coopers true adventure began...

Its bad I know ;)

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