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Ban appeal on behalf of Peter99


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Everything here is Peter99's and all posts I make will be his words. In this appeal, I am just the messenger.


Peter99's Ban Appeal

Link to report : None given.

Why the verdict is not fair: I now understand, that I broke the rules. During the rule braking situation I was unaware of the fact I was braking the rules. I also was honest on every report, even thou it would be against my favor.

Additional Statements/Comments explaining your PoV(in details): I've made many friends on DayZRP, and miss the server, and the friendly community. In my point of view, I think I should be unbanned for the following reasons: my honesty, respectfulness, friendly community player, and I have been rereading the rules, and talking with others recently. If I was aware braking the rules, then why would I be spending my time writing this report, the real reason is that I care, and enjoy players. It makes sense that I was not aware, at the time. Also the last ban was a Sub Rule, but it's still important, before the raid I should have reread the rules for that situation.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would love to come back, and play. It would mean a lot to become a part of the community again!

What could I have done better: Reread the rules, daily, understand the rule, and everytime I did an event/instance I should have reread the rules, and been aware. Also have looked at ban reports since you can learn a lot from them.

Peter99's Apology To All Staff And Community

Hello DayzRp Staff and Players,

I am sorry if I affected you in anyway. I hope you forgive my unawareness of the rules. It is totally my fault, since I should have checked the rules again ahead of time. I really hope you guys accept me back into this amazing community! This is my story. I have been banned three times, and as a result I was permanently banned, forever. I always enjoyed playing DayZRP, and already made many friends, and enjoy the kindness of the community. This is my ban appeal, and I truly mean every word of it. I spent a while typing all of this and hope you enjoy reading it all, sorry if it is long, it just means a lot to me.

My DayZ & RP Experience

When I applied for DayZRP, I didn't really realize how strict the RP, and When I sent in my application I was extremely happy, because I made it in my first try. I have only played DayZ for a little over a week, and my friend and I would get annoyed by people who randomly killed us. I've experienced RP before in other games, but this was different, and I developed my RP skills here, and that's what most I enjoy about it.

My Unawareness

I understand what KoS, and RDM was, but I never really experienced it in game, and in a situation. All of my Bans related to Robbery, and I was unaware that hosting a robbery wasn't a smart idea for a beginner, because the rules are very strict, and sometimes complex when it comes to robberies. I usually got advised by other players to rob, and I did the dirty work, which wasn't a smart idea. Anyway I now understand the Rules, and Sub-Rules, by talking with have discussions with other players, reading ban reports(when I wasn't perma), talking to GameMasters, and getting banned. I just wanted to say I did read the rules when applying, but I should have refreshened my mind before committing big acts in game, and just refreshing in general. If I get accepted back ill reread the rules actively.

My Honesty

I strongly believe I was very honest with the ban reports, and appeals. That's one reason why I believe I have a chance when it comes to getting unbanned. I was always respectful towards the staff, and other members. I was even respectful when other players didn't treat me the same way. I try my best to be honest everyday, because it is the right thing to do, and just makes the situation easier. I hope you guys read my last view reports, and see that I always accepted my punishment and admitted the truth, even thou I was always tempted to lie.

How I Will Change

I would totally change my character from being a robber, so I can back away from the whole robbing situation. I'll also discuss with my friends, about the rules, and refreshen up on them two days a week, but if I am about to do something major in game, I'll reread the rules that refers to that instance. I'll also try to become a more helpful, and beneficial person to the community. I also would like to step up my RP game as well.

Why I Want To Come Back

I hope you all understand, that I extremely enjoined playing DayZRP, and would LOVE to come back, because the game is extremely fun, but it's not just the game, it's spending time with friends, and creating new ones. This server is also very unique, and I hope to stay on it. If I didn't care I wouldn't be spending the time, and effort creating this. I hope you guys accept me back, and I hope to see you all soon!

My Plan For The Future

I hope to create my own clan with strict RP rules, and with a great lore and members, I also would share my past experiences, and help people benefit from them. I hope to spend many more nights playing, and bonding with friends. I also think it's really neat how you can create friends online, and have so much compassion, and bonds with people you haven't meet.


I hope I can stay, and continue to support the server, while staying loyal, and just being a good asset to the community. Thanks for all of the good memories, and late nights with friends.

~ I hope to see you guys soon. :)


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After reviewing your case we have decided that while the apology and the willingness to improve your performance is admirable your conduct that got you banned in the first place was sufficient to fully justify it. We will not and can not allow appeals just because people are sorry. It should not take a permanent ban to force you to take a step backwards and think "is this really the best idea?".

This appeal is denied.

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