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My name is Nikos Paparis

Guest TehGreekGamer

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Guest TehGreekGamer

My name is Nikos Paparis and im from Greece as a kid i had a weird childhood. I kept getting into fights.. well that explains it all. I dont like talking about my childhood i dont like the past.

We lived in small village in Peleponisos we didnt have any money, i remember when winter came i thought that my fingers would fall of from the cold. We where just a poor family,i had to do something i couldnt stand there and let me and my family freeze to death. I had to feed my family, i had to help family!

This is when it all started i got in touch with the wrong people the introduced me to the "game". At the age of 16 i squeezed the trigger for the first time and at the age of 20 i was already to deep into this game that i couldnt escape,in the back of my mind i was thinking " Is this right?" but then i remembered that i had to send some money to my family and i kept going deeper in this pile of mud.

At the beginning it was all easy, we got the stuff and sold it. But then i felt something like an adrenaline rush, i wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole was. I friend of mine introduced me to a mafia boss, he then assinged me an assination job. I was really scared i can still feel my hand shaking. I took a deep breath and aimed for his head,without a second thought i pulled the trigger. As i watched him fall down i realised that there is no return after that. The assasinations kept going and the money too. I reached a point where i was one of the best hitmans.

I was on the top of the mountain looking down all the things that i achieved, cash-bitches i had everything that a man ever wanted. Then i got a contract for the assination of a rich guy in the middle of nowhere in a place called Chernarus.

When i arrived there i could only see villagers and a small town called CHERNOGORSK, i was like "Why did i accepted this?". I did some investigation for the guy and i stalked him for months until i was ready to do the job.

I was ready...I got into position i had a clear view of the target. I opened my briefcase,assembled my sniper rifle and got into firing position. I adjusted my scope to ensure that one hit, that one bullet will go staight into his heart. I saw him getting out of his car i took a deep breath. My finger reached the trigger and the i heard a young woman screaming.I saw something like a big animal chasing her, i zoomed at her with my scope and i saw i human walking in a weird way and chasing her like a bloodthirsty animal.

Suddently i hear gunshots, i try to find from where they are coming from. I manage to see the flashes of the gunshots, it was my contracts bodyguards they where protecting him from a group of people like the person that was chasing that young lady. I realised that something has gone terribly wrong,i get down from my sniping spot and to get out of the area.

Im heading to my car, as i run through the grass i notice a group of people who stand next to my car, they where looking drunk so i go near them to tell them to leave. I yelled at them "уходить", that means go away in russian. Then one of them turns and looks at me. He had blood on him he screams and starts running towards me. I then take out my gun and shoot at him and his friends. They all fall down like dead flies. I go close to them to see what just happened, their face was transformed in a weird way their teeth where full of blood. I was scared,i didnt know what just happened, i rushed into my car and turned on the radio.

I heard a military transmition talking about people that looked like monsters and we had to find a safeplace to hide. I drove my car to the city but when i arrived i could only see chaos and fire, people screaming for help, other people eating other people. One of the most scary things i have seen in my life, i knew that i have to head up north if i wanted to survive.

As i headed up to the north i noticed that the gas meter was flashing red. The car stopped after a few hundread meters, i knew that i had to go to the forest if wanted to survive. I grabbed some supplies from the trunk and headed deep into the forest.

This is where my story begins.......


//Tell me your opinion guys

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