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Server time (UTC): 2023-02-04 12:20

Can't Join the DayzRP Epoch server

Guest kzammm

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I've been playing on the DayzRP Epoch Chernarus server for the whole morning.

Now I was joining the server again. And once I enter it goes to lobby, shows the lobby with all the players for arround 0.5 , 1s and immedatly goes to Menu.

Any solution on that? Since it was working in the morning

I've tried joining via DayzCommander, DayzRP Launcher, and even "normal joining"

None of thoose seem to work

UPDATE// : 440c05f19c787a4abe6907401f445fd0.png

- From the screenshot I took it doesn't seem to show any problem

- When I enter it kicks me right to here(multiplayer), or to menu

- It shows up a small "error" ; You cannot play/edit this mission; ..... " but that is belive cause of the DayzRP addons, such as the helmets,mask,etc.

- Also tried to change my character to the faces, acessories of the dayzepoch and nothing seems to work

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