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Cook food action not working in new patch

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Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I just bagged me a couple of wabbits, took the meat to a camp fire but theres no cook option coming up on my UI just put out fire.

I logged out and back in again and retried but same thing.

any ideas?

also just had to add absolutely loving the servers and forums very addictive! (nice to play in a like minded community) ta very much keep up the good work folks.

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This just sounds like desync. Have you tried it just after a restart? That could help. If not then see if someone else can do it. That way you can find out if it is just you or everyone else.

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This on dayzrp or Epoch? Its a common bug at the moment with the desyn with RP. Epoch we have no heard anything from the above.

If it is the RP server. Its a common bug. Just log back into the lobby and relog into the server and it should restart.

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A simple Re-Log usually fixes this problem with the desync also the re-log option works for refueling and repairing vehicles also.

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