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Congratulations Hofer!


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Recently the most deserving member of this community gained the rank of server admin, this here member is none the less Hofer

I would just like to say good luck and well done on the rank! You really do deserve it :) The admin team really have got a star of this community with them in their team and I'm 150% certain he is going to improve the RP of this server by 100:)

I would for anyone else to leave any experiences they've had with Hofer and to leave congratulations to such a deserving member


Thank you :)

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NEVER do yellow on black!

But yeah, after reading a few times i have to say i agree :)

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In all seriousness though, congratulations Hofer... now you have much tools, very power. :P


Now you have very power.

very power.



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Thanks :)


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You deserve it so much my love!


looks a bit like you in Rl...from a distance

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