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[Game] CTS: Create the sentence

Guest Pandi

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A new game I found! Thought I'd bring it in to DayZRP Forum Games.

So, it goes like this: I'll start by typing some letters and you make a sentence out of them, using the letter as the 1st letter in your words. For Example:


To which you could respond with: Water can be swallowed by dogs.

So I'll start, here we go!


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  • MVP

Real life time turns women frantic

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  • Emerald

Since no new word given: Rolle likes to tickle Winslow frequently.

New letters: SRFGT

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  • MVP

You all talk fucking shit

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  • Emerald

Y'all are too fricken stupid

NRFITB :troll:

N,R,F... idiotic, tedious bastards.


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