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Guest Dr. Nick

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Guest Dr. Nick

I have been playing for about 8 hours now i have just got back into my old account which is this one and the account i tryed to setup recently its whitelisting app has been rejected i only tried to make that account because i thought this account got wiped Gijs said he would delete the bishop cross acount plz help! iv been playin this since january of this year been whitelisted once before Gijs helped me recover this account today if anyone can help appreciate it greatly was kicked while in the back of my friends jeep going like 50 miles an hour!

i have proof of being whitelisted i go to the whitelisting part of the forum says iv been accepted i have print screen of this as proof i just took but not sure how to put it into here

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What message came up when you were kicked?

Closing as you have another thread open on the same issue, please refrain from making two threads on the same issue.


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