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Journal of a Rocketeer


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  • Emerald


I was hoping that today would be like any other day. I would wake up, prepare some breakfast, wake the rest of the crew and enjoy a nice meal before heading off on our daily supply runs. Unfortunately that was not the case.

Today myself and two other rocketeers would be heading to factory east of Polana to see if we could recover some scrap metal or some spare parts. The journey there was fairly uneventful though things started to get interesting once we arrived at our destination. Terry was the "designated marksman" for today's run. We weren't particularly great shots but Terry was the best of the three of us. I sent him watch over us on the little hill just north of us across the road as we went about our business on the inside.

"Dont worry Boss, nobody will mess with yah as long as I'm watching over things!" Terry Promised.

I think he was just a little too confident. Rex and I entered in through the main gates as Terry scurried up the hill armed with a lee enfield. We didn't have much as far as weaponry went. I was equipped with a trusty fire ax and a silenced makarov with three or for shots left for when things got really out of hand. Rex was armed with a monkey wrench and an M9.

Rex, being the bigger and tougher out of the two of us, took point taking out a few unaware infected that got in our way. Luckily the rusty old wheel-barrel was still yhere for the last run and we intended to make good use of it this time aswell. We went went to all of the sheds surrounding the abandoned factory loading any left over machine parts into the wheel-barrel. After looting the sheds we left the wheel-barrel at the bottom of the stairs leading to the upper floors of the structure. Rex would go up to the higher levels and I would stay on the ground floor.

I was about finished searching my floor and ready to call up to Rex when I heard the faint sound of an engine getting louder and louder in the distance.

Terry's muffled voice came through my earpiece.

"Eh, Boss. There's a pick-up truck coming down the road. If they try anything just tug on your ear or something and ill take 'em out."

I would have responded but the earpiece was damaged a few days before and only the receiver was functional. I walked out into the debris filled courtyard and greeted our new guests. The two occupants exited the pick-up. Both of these guys were what looked to be M1014s.

"Ah, hello there." The driver said with a thick Chernorussian accent. "How are you on this fine afternoon?"

I studied the two men and they studied me.

"Im alright. Just looking for some parts. Our vehicle broke down not too far from here."

This was not the truth. We were actually here finding parts for The Red Rocket.

"Ah that is nice story." The driver said with a smirk. "Unfortunately for you, I don't think you will be needing a vehicle after we are done here." They raised their weapons and aimed them at me. " Drop your ax and face away from us!"

I did as I was told. I tossed my ax to the dirt beside me and turned around.

"Put your hands on your head!" The man who was previously in the passenger seat commanded.

I one again followed the order but as I did I did a quick subtle tug on my ear. The bullet hit the driver in the chest followed quickly by the sound of Terry's rifle. The driver fell to the floor.

"W-What the fuck?!" The second man shouted.

Rex sprung out from cover on the second floor, M9 in hand, and shot down at the remaining criminal. I hit the ground and prayed that no stray bullets would come his way. I covered my face and head with my arms and curled up in a ball. The sound of gunshots rang out.

TO BE CONTINUED... (maybe)

//Let me know if you liked the story and would like to know what happens to my character and his companions. Thanks for reading!

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  • Emerald

Well, That certainly was AMOOSEING huehuehue

Nice read.

hehe you so punny.

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  • Sapphire

Very nice read :D are these based on actual events that occurred in game?

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  • Emerald

Very nice read :D are these based on actual events that occurred in game?

I wish! Unfortunately I cant get in-game until sometime after the holidays. Although once I am able to play I will be basing these from real events. (Assuming I continue with them)

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