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Whitelist rejected because of 'spelling and grammar'?

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I don't quite understand why, I'm pretty sure I used proper spelling and grammar in my application, but it still got rejected. It seems a bit unfair to me, and I just want some idea on what I can do to get it accepted

All I could say is look at your application if you've saved it, or once you have done a new one is to not check it over just once or twice buy several times to check your spelling and grammar.

Good luck on your next submission!

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It takes nothing to copy and paste your application into a word document and spell check it, just a tip.

And I don't think it is unfair. Many people have been rejected for the same reason. Like I said; copy and paste it into Word or a spell checker. Try breaking up text into paragraphs as it is unpleasant to read a huge chunk of text.

*Edit* Good luck in your next submission. If you fail 3, you get blacklisted, so make sure you put 110% into an application.

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