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Direct chat not working?

Guest Dr. Nick

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Guest Dr. Nick

i dont have a mic i use text

i asked 2 guys whether there friendly and there no more then 4 feet in front of me and they dont respond noticed this on other servers as well nvr a problem till now that im in dayzrp hard to roleplay as a mute if you know what i mean

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Guest The Nightmare

I tried to RP with people on Epoch today and they just ignored me. Perhaps it was just two assholic RPers?

Edit: Yes i did just invent that word "Assholic."

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Guest The Nightmare

It just sounds like those guys ignored you. You said it worked in other servers?

Try going into a server with side chat and see if anyone replies.

Yes this is what i would do as it seems people on DayZRP these days want all the loots.

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I had the same problem. But Its not that they were ignoring me, I couldnt see/hear anyones direct.

Go into a vehicle and test vehicle. Like someone said ^ plug something into the mic jack

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