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Ban for nothing

Guest Igorn2007appeal

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Guest Igorn2007appeal

Link to report : There was not report

Why the verdict is not fair :

Because there is no global ban on my cd key i can play any other dayz server and Arma 2

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

The message on the home page of the forum says i am globally banned but in fact i can play any other server and my key is allright. I can login to any server youll tell me so i can prove my GUID is allright

What would you like to achieve with this appeal :

To get unbanned (Igorn2007) and understand whats going on.

What could you have done better?

I have no idea.

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We're looking it up.

You was banned by BE the 19th October.

A Global ban was issued.

You asked for a GUID reset here:


Did you get a new CD key from Bohemia?

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Guest Igorn2007appeal

I asked for a guid change but it was really long ago, and after I did that, I actually had new computer so old key is longly already gone and I just made another steam (the old ones gets hacked constantly as I wrote in reset message) and play it on new pc. But the problem is that there is no actual ban in BE, because when I saw the message on the forum that I'm banned I tried to connect to other servers to make sure if its true, so I found myself to be able to connect any other server and play it with battle eye, I watched the loading messages on the server (left bottom corner) and there was no any errors.

So I can surely say there is no ban on my key cuz:

1-had to change my steam (so the new key was officially bought)

2-changed my pc (no possibilities my old guid somehow popped up on this computer)

3-able to play any other server (so I'm not actually banned from anywhere)

4-my current guid shown when I connect to servers matches the guid shown on dayzrp (can provide some loading screen screenshots if you want)

(Can we jump to TS at 17.00 server time maybe to discuss it?) thank you for your attention.

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There is a BE Ban on you old key.

We banned your new key since we haven't received any proof from you.

Normally, people contact Bohemia with their Global Ban # and then received a new key from Bohemia if Bohemia can see that the key actually is stolen.

I hope you understand that you way isn't really working.


You could just as well be a cheater that was caught for spawning in stuff, we don't know.

And buying a new key doesn't give you the rights to play here.

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Have you contacted Steam support?

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Guest Igorn2007appeal

Yes I did but acc gets stolen regularly

In Russia we have kind of a problem that if your acc is stolen its useless to change male and password, it's just being hijacked over and over again. I don't know why...

I just retrieve it in the evening and when I get up in the morning it's gone again. Literally.

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Well, if thats really the case i can't see a reason to whitelist more GUIDS from you.

You get your account stolen maybe once..

Not every morning.

We can't risk whitelisting accounts we KNOW going to be hacked.

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Guest Igorn2007appeal

I fully understand your opinion. But my current acc is not stolen and never was, and I am pretty sure that's it's not gonna be hacked that easily as the previous one (made some insurance),but if you are afraid that the holder of the "previous" one is going to threaten dayz rp, he just can't come on this server, if it is not an excuse (c'mon let the Christmas miracle happen), maybe you just allow me to re-whitelist with my current acc, so there will be no previous acc guid entered, if not and there is no way for me to stay on this community, I just want to say thanks to you and everyone for creating such a gaming community and for letting me have such dayz experience, just thanks. Merry Christmas and happy new year gentlemen...

(Right now I'm trying to somehow retrieve my account, if a manage to message to Bohemia via steam acc ill give you some screenshots)

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Sorry, we can't do exceptions.

We need a email from Bohemia showing you'r key was stolen.

Ban holds.

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