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Epoch Server Not loading

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Hi Guys/Girls,

My Problem is I cant seem to get into the epoch server. Now My Epoch is up to date on dayz commander and I have patched up on the dayzrp launcher. However when i load it up I seem to get all the way to the lobby for a brief second and then pushes me out to the title screen where you can see the player editor and single player and what not.

I Cant for the life of me think what it could be so any suggestions would be great thank you.

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Guest Fuzzy

You need to launch it with DayZ Commander

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Just insert the server IP and port in the favourites tab of DayZ Commander and you're good to go!

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Guest SmilingBumcheek

Alternatively you can type'[email protected]_Epoch' into the custom launch commands on the RP launcher. You may find it easier just a suggestion

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