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Guest DeviousCrypto

Good Morning Crew

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Guest DeviousCrypto

Its a pitch black Thursday morning at approximately 4:37 AM EST. I am just now learning that this isn't the intercom for the yacht I totally sail through the Bahamas entertaining beautiful women and instead it is the welcome section of the DayZRP forums.

With this in mind please do not be confused by the title or the previous run on sentence and instead welcome me as I say hello.


P.S. I'm very tired.

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Well i have time to reply, and with that said. Hello!

(its only 11in the morning over here in eu)

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Welcome to the DayZRP forums

im sure you can find a thread about beautiful women on yachts somewhere around here


* on a serious note i wouldnt be suprised if that thread did exist on here...

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