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Server time (UTC): 2023-01-31 07:07

Kicked For No Reason (( Unknown Reason ))

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Not exactly sure why this might have happened but when I attempt to play DayzRP it allows me to enter the server for about 1-2 minutes before a message pops-up claiming "You have been kicked from the game". No reason is given as to why I was kicked. I do not own multiple accounts nor do I use a cheat client nor was I banned as far as I know. My DayzRP client is updated and my ping is around 150-200 so I know it isn't that .. As I see people with 300 ping on the server. I do not know if this has to do with the new version. When I logged in I was in the, what I believe to be at least, Northwest Airfield. I was kicked 2 times 1-2 minutes apart. One while I was approaching the actual airstrip and a second standing beside a hangar. I attempted to figure out the issue in teamspeak with no luck and so I was suggested to post my problem here and to include as much info as I can which is rather difficult.

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  • Emerald

Reinstall the DayZRP Mod.

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