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installing new update?


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Well did you download the automatic installer or just the files so you gotta download it manually?

If you did download the automatic installer, then it should be no harder then simply using the program, and let it guide you through the installation.

If you download the normal files only, it's a big more tricky. You need to use the Modfolder method, a detailted explanation on how to do it can be found here: http://www.armaholic.com/plug.php?e=faq&q=18

If you still need help try joining the helpdesk in TS or PM a staff member.

Edit: Gave you the wrong link.

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If you're using the DayZRP launcher,just open it and will automaticly update your game.

DayZRP Launcher updater is a bit broken, I have seen multiple problems were people are getting kicked in-game after installing it from the launcher. So I'd suggest doing it manually.

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Are you stil having a issue?

We recommend downloading the latest update via the official DayZRP launcher.

*I will mark this as solved, feel free to post if you are still having a issue.*

well i downloaded it via torrent but didn't know what to do and then the rp launcher started updating although it didnt finish and i could still play rp. Bit confusing but i guess its working

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