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Hexicidal | Warning Points Appeal


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  • Emerald

Link to report :

N/A - TeamSpeak Warning.

Why the verdict is not fair :

It's perfectly fair.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) :

I was banned from the teamspeak for teamspeak trolling. I take full responsibility.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal :

I would like to have my warning points revoked. From the start of this community I've attempted to help it. I wasn't even whitelisted, yet I was donating to the community. Less than a week after I was whitelisted I had already donated over $25. Less than a month of whitelist I had donated $50. And I've currently been whitelisted for 2 months and have donated $100. I have 1 ban on record, a ban that wasn't meant to happen. It was caused by me using a crappy wireless XBox Headset jury rigged to my PC through a YouTube tutorial. The mic ran out of power and I had initiated, and the guy didn't hear me, and then he turns and I shot and was reported. I haven't gotten in trouble since then. And the fact that I'm donating constantly proves that I'm here to help not to harm. I wouldn't just donate 100 euros (around $140 in my currency) just to be banned. I'm only here to help. I'm not saying donator gives me specialties that other's dont get. What I'm saying is that it proves that I care. I only want to be here to help out. And I have been writing guides up that will be posted in short time. One of them will be forum scripts that make a hot bar on the top of the forum that will give you quick access to whatever part of the forum you'd like to access. Using greasemonkey an addon for FireFox/Google Chrome. Any how, as I was saying I take full responsibility for the teamspeak trolling. I know it wasn't right, but I'm only here to help. And you know what's even funnier, the only ban I have the first post I made was "Full responsibility taken, was completely my fault." I'm not an idiot, I know how Staff operates. I've run forums, garry's mod servers, minecraft servers, teamspeak servers, arma 2 oa servers. I know that the Staff have heard it all, and they see through what's not true. I'm only here to be productive, and I'm sorry for the teamspeak trolling. I would like my warning points revoked. And I apologize to everyone in the teamspeak channel, who had to hear the mega loud shrieking noise.

What could you have done better?

I could have for one, not used a soundboard. I could've just been productive in the teamspeak.

Also sorry Rolle and Zhunk for the trouble.

Take Care,


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  • El Presidente

You donations or helping within the community have no effect on the punishments you receive. You admitted to trolling in TS, you agreed above that the punishment is fair, these is nothing for us to do here.

2 banstrikes stay.

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