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Whitelist Goofups


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Yeah, but with all the ImmortalHD fans, its likely going to be rejected and the queue will fill up again! So i am sweating bullets in a way, because i have been looking for a good RP community for so long!

Don't worry, if the rest of your application is well written, there won't be a problem.

And since we closed the whitelist for a long while, we need new players.

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  • Emerald

But, I don't think it will EVER be the same, when PsiSyndicate came.

Thank GOD for that. Worst period of time for DayZRP in my opinion.


Don't worry, there will be a second chance. Plus, there is a slight chance Rolle is drunk when accepting applications and you'll slip through. You never know!

ahh, okay. Well, most of immortal's community is trolls anyways

by the way,what is the warning level under my name? is it for when i do something stupid?

Yes. For if you go against the server rules. But let's hope that never happens ;)

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  • Sapphire

When playing as Ruru. I've come across a few ImmortalHD fans who only broke character once to type //you the same Ruru from immortals video? Generally they have very decent roleplay. :)

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  • Legend

by the way,what is the warning level under my name? is it for when i do something stupid?

Havn't you read the rules?

*Handing out warning points*


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  • Sapphire

Didnt even realise ImmortalHD played here haha today i learned.

And in my whitelist i wrote it all prior to applying (during my breaks at work and stuff) so i could just copy and paste it in when the whitelist opened

And i only copied half of my KOS rule explanation i believe so got rejected the first time.

Pasted it all in the second time got accepted 5 minutes after submitting it :troll:

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In my application back story my character crashed a boat in the Green Sea after a long voyage from the Mediterranean... except the real life equivalent of the Green Sea is pretty inaccessible by boat, or he would have at least encountered civilization.

An unoriginal and absurd backstory imo :D

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