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The Amsel Christmas Feast

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What is it?: The Amsel brothers had a very religious upbringing, and every Christmas would have a very special Christmas feast. Even though the brothers were not religious themselves, they liked to follow the tradition in their later life, and now, in the apocalypse.

Where is it?: The feast will take place at Prud Lake.

When is it?: 24th of December, that's right Christmas eve, at 2:30PM (server time).

Visitors will not be required to bring anything, food will be provided for all guests. Robberies will not be tolerated, and all visitors are advised to fight back if needed. Some gifts will also be given to a few lucky guests.


// Please reply if you're interested in coming or want to leave feedback. This is on a different date to the Christmas Party event, and is also a different concept.

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Bit early ? Or are you guys Australian/NZ ?

British. It just seemed like a good time, it's around lunch for most people so IC it would make sense. Plus most people wont be on during the evening.

I know not many will turn up, hopefully a few do though.

First person to turn up gets a free CZ. Please, I need friends D:

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