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New Life

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Just a suggestion. What if every time you die, the person you were is dead permanently and instead you have to create a whole new character? It would give value to people's lives and maybe bandits and survivors alike will be more cautious.

EDIT: I'm not saying that you have to whitelist again. Just create a different character when you respawn.

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Pretty sure its been suggested before, and the outcome was no, if you want to permadeath your character when it dies, you can do that, but not everyone wants to come up with a backstory, and for it to be all wasted when you die.

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Some people spend months developing their character, meeting people and creating an interesting back-story for themselves.

It would be very disappointing losing all that, and if there was a rule implemented, a lot of people would make the same character just with a different name so they'd be no point.

Especially for characters such as the Shogun of the Imperial Dragons - what then?

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