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Frustrated Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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  • Sapphire

Back in my first few weeks on DayZRP, I created a topic called "Frustrated." I voiced my anger with a failed clan idea, getting involved with a clan that was just in it for the lulz, and some of the things I've wanted to do. I lucked out and got recruited by the IRA, and things were good for a bit before they disbanded. Then I spent pretty much all of November inactive. Lurking on the forums, seeing what was going on, but remaining on the side.

Now that I've returned and been doing some of those things I wanted to try so long ago, I find myself, once again, frustrated.

In the drama filled fallout of IRA's disbanding, and the rise of certain friends of mine into SKA, I was almost completely disgusted with clans in the community. They primarily exist to kill one another. Good RP will be forgone in the name of a fight, always. Even in the clan I joined after IRA, The Justice Department, existed to kill bandits. While that I will admit that large force on large force conflict doesn't really exist in vanilla DayZ, but I noticed something rather unique happening in Standalone DayZ.

Groups of strangers banding together, helping one another, and fighting other gangs of strangers. Now sure, maybe 2 or 3 people in these 5 to 6 player squads know eachother. I fell into 2 different groups like this last night, and all communication was done through in game speak and he buggy walkie talkies we'd found in the firestations.

I got such an immersive, Role Play high from it all, that I wished that DayZRP had more groups like this. Rag tag bands of survivors, with no clan name, no shared ID. Just the need for companionship, and paranoia around other large groups. Single survivors were no real threat. Armed or not, the shared firepower between 5-6 people will usually always overcome a small group.

And to me this is what DayZRP should be. Groups of survivors, not grizzled soldiers. As much as hollywood would like to make us all think that soldiers will remain united together in an apocalypse. It's more likely that soldiers, once the government they protect collapses, will abandon their units to find and care for family. Most likely going it alone and getting killed.

And as a member of the US Military, despite the oath I took, I know that in the event of a zombie outbreak, I'd leave my post and protect my family. That's something I've always realized, and some of my fellows in the Navy had a similar outlook.

This is why I have trouble believeing that these large Military Forces would be EVERYWHERE. Three or four sure, but most all of our major clans are military based. Makes it more like Fallout, not DayZ.

Now I'd like to see if I could start a survivor clan. Limiting the characters within to their fields of expertise. The group remains democratic, fluid, and nomadic. I'd just probably play a former Security Guard who linked up with some friends. Also, we'd use bad russian accents to better role play Chernorussian survivors. However the clan rules keep groups like this from being neutral or namdless. The requirement of an XML will put a badge on all members, making them targets to other clans, who will pick fights with us just because we have an XML, and the need to asser their own clan's dominance. And should we choose to defend ourselves, we start a war, and suddenly we're not so survival oriented anymore. We make another clan's shit list, and the focus of our clan is dashed.

But again, I don't think it would work out, even with xml removed from the equation. Who's going to join a survivor clan when there's all these bad ass military clans out there? I can't say I blame other players for joining these groups. Conflict and shooting people is fun! However you're just falling back on the security and familiarty of games like Battlefield. Don't matter if it's BOS against Enclave, or IRA against Dogpigs. It's Red vs. Blue. It's black and white, Good vs. Evil. It's dull, dumb, boring & done to death! This is basically Wasteland. Just with less vehicles, zombies thrown in the mix, and you can't KoS.

I need something new! Something fresh! That's why I am once again, frustrated. Also, don't pm me an invitation to your own military clan after reading this, with promises of how your group is different, or better, or whatever. You may be, but if your reaction to reading this is to recruit me, you missed the point entirely.

Also, this is not an attack on any one group, or the community as a whole. I love DayZRP, but I want to address some of the major issues that seem to just repeat over, and over, and over. I think allot of these issues stem from the ones I've listed above. Please keep discussion on this thread civil and respectful.

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I like what you say and agree , you could try just by getting people to PM you that are not in a clan and then just group up in the game and run together. No need to make a clan and an XML , ya get to know each others chars , you get to be independent still and not beholding to anyone else.

Just a group of survivors becoming friends and having no affiliation with any organized military groups or objectives. There a re a few player settlements on the servers so make one a meeting point or so called base . But you will always run the risk of people wanting nothing more than to kill ya or rob ya but ya get that.

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  • Sapphire

I'd like to thank several people for bringing attention to clans with Noncombat roles in their ranks.

The PM's were appreciated, as were the job offers. I'm going to mull a few options over and also reach out to a clan or two that hasn't sent offers themselves.

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  • Emerald

I completly agree with this. Ever since I joined DayZRP it is rare to find certain individuals actually helping each other. Everyone is either in a clan, or will attempt to rob you.

I have come to accept this however, thinking RP wise. Since the server has been up for more then a year, I think that the world has been plagued by the apocalypse for more then a year. By this time, most people would not be alone, would not trust eachother, and sure as hell would do whatever it takes to survive.

I do like this clan idea, or idea. It's not so much a clan, but a group of individuals who fight for eachother. Sort of like a family. I definitely +1 this thread and hope you go through with the idea.

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