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Ban appeal for Dworvakhiin


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Link to report: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-combat-logging-possible-ghosting-s2-15-12-13-time-1-30ish?page=4

Why the verdict is not fair: I was never part of the attack on alter, only in the firefight before on NWAF.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details): Within all of the video's the words were said: 7 Enclave members are running out, yet 8 were banned. Number 8 was me. I wanted to overlook them while they were running away yet never saw them. I run up to the camp to listen in what happened, had some conversations with people around and within. They didn't take me for an Enclave member since I wasn't wearing the usual skin of Enclave. Once they were setting up defensive positions within Alter. I asked them what the civilians had to do and someone shouted something along the line of: "Civilians, if you do not wish to be involved then get away for your own safety." Which made it pretty clear that no interaction with me was required anymore.

Combat Logging

The staff of DayZRP judge that people who log out in order to avoid retribution for their actions or as a method to avoid imminent player interaction will have combat logged. To avoid combat logging the player must do the following when applicable:

Not log out when it is apparent another player wishes to communicate with you. If you are already in the presence of others and need to log out it is generally good form to ask them to type their permission in direct to ensure that you are not impacting their RP necessarily.

Break line of sight with those you committed a hostile act against and wait a minimum of 15 minutes from the time you broke line of sight before logging out.

If for whatever reason the player cannot take these steps to log out and logging out would cause a possible combat log report it is suggested you go AFK to avoid depriving your pursuer (if any) of their right to seek revenge in a reasonable time. However, do so with caution, being AFK presents its own dangers.

Source: http://wiki.dayzrp.com/index.php/DayZRP_Supplemental_Rules

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of punishment

What could you have done better? Not involving myself at all or not go to Alter at all.

Extra note:

If I am in the wrong I would like an to know why, I never combat logged on purpose since I thought I was in the clear.

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One of you even got kicked out for lobby idling (5 minutes) after 8 minutes, that means he disconnected 3 minutes after leaving Altar.

This was also not relevant to the story since it was someone whom died within the firefight which happened before, this is why I wonder it was written down on the verdict.

This was a minor derp from my side in the verdict, I have corrected it.

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So, correct me if i got this wrong...

Enclave attacked Altar?

You was in the area with a different skin

Still you're a Enclave member?

Your entire clan logs out

You also log out, but you wasn't playing WITH Enclave atm?

But you was still there?

As a Enclave member?


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So, correct me if i got this wrong...

1. Enclave attacked Altar?

2. You was in the area with a different skin

3. Still you're a Enclave member?

4. Your entire clan logs out

5. You also log out, but you wasn't playing WITH Enclave atm?

6. But you was still there?

7. As a Enclave member?


1 - 7 Yes

During the attack I was still at NWAF, if you dig a bit through the logs you can see me killing someone and shooting people too there. I walked during the attack towards Alter and came there during the time they marched out. Yes, I was there willing to do hostile action if other hostile action would be taken on my team, but since nothing happened I simply walked towards Alter to RP, and was send away, more detailed description above.

I was the lone survivor from NWAF, it took me a while to come back from that.

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I'm sorry...

I can't buy that you walked there to RP while the rest of your clan was attacking the place.

You were there, with your clan.

Ban will hold.

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