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Listen closely when the wind blows through the trees on a dark starry night and you will hear my name... Sophia.

I tell them all that I am a doctor from America who has come to study the zombie virus but that is not the truth. They do not know that I have been watching over them, protecting, loving each and every one of them for longer than they could ever imagine.

You see, the zombie virus is not an accident. It is a carefully orchestrated genocide of humanity perpetuated by the fallen angels of darkness. How do I know? I am a watcher of light and we have been battling the fallen for epochs. We are all around you but you cannot see us with mortal eyes.

I have been sent in this human body to help undo the damage of the fallen and protect the last of the human race before they are destroyed... or destroy themselves.

I cannot tell them who I am except the most pure of heart who have a special destiny and are ready to handle the truth. Most would not believe anyway. They are incapable of accepting the concept of true faith. To them it means jumping off a cliff without being able to see a what is above or below... or seeing light with the heart when the eyes only see darkness.

When they are ready to take that leap I will be there to catch them.

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// (Did you sneak into my pain relief?! :D) Mysterious message. When I'm not so high on stuff I will write you some poetry explaining the evils and how you aren't welcome Sophia, seeing as you apparently are fond of all that and as I like doing it, ha!

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