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Background for Chuck Clark

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Chuck Clark


November 7th, 1987


South Carolina, United States


American, 1/3 German

I worked for the Lays Chip Company and one day I got a call at work and the US military said I had to deploy out in Chernarus. I lived in the United States I was in 'Easy Company', my greatest strengths were a marksman. I had a pinpoint shot with the iron-sights. I was deployed to Chernarus to try and help the the United States fend off the heavy attacks from the Russian Rebels. On the way there by plane, I peaked out the window and it was as lively as a child on Christmasmorning. I had no worries. Years later, after settling the Russian rebellion, I was 30 years old and was heading back to my homeland, the United States. I heard that there was a virus going around but I had no idea how extreme it was. When we were heading back, that's when all went wrong. My pilot said he was not feeling well at all so we said to just push forward and ignore it. I tried my best to pilot the helicopter but I couldn't save us. About an hour later, our helicopter pilot crashed the helicopter. We crashed in Chernarus and I was the only one to live. Oh did I find out how extreme that virus was, I bolted away from my helicopter grabbing anything possible. From a distance, I got my binoculars and watched the infected or so called zombies ate away the bodies of my company. I was enraged and now I kill every zombie I see but always like to have some friends around because I am a talkative guy. Ever since that event, I am a changed man.

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