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Radio Broadcast


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*you tune in to a radio signal that starts out barely audible but increases in volume as the message is relayed*

Attention Comrades, this is Dr. Paul MacNeil of the EEIC, due to orders from not only the Kremlin but also EEIC head operations. The EEIC will be dissolved into the SRF. The reason of this is the fact that SRF and EEIC forces are beginning to realize that all communist brethren should stand together, not as mere allies. This union is the coming of a greater communist foothold in Chernarus.

The struggle against capitalism has for the first time evolved into a united struggle. For the first time,

I allow myself and my men as an unknown force to start a war and not rest until this plague have been removed from the communist way of life.

And remember comrades,

You can persecute us, you can even kill us, but we will never capitulate.

*The message slowly fades and is slowly taken over by static*

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Guest Olyblob

Meanwile in an enclave camp...

Bang! Smash!

Recruit: Major, why the hell did you do that!

Major Oliver Welch: that radio was spreading a communist message, it deserved to die and so dose anyone one else who spreads the message of communist evil.

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