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Warning Points, Games Section

Guest ArcticStarling

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Guest ArcticStarling

Link to report : LINK

Why the verdict is not fair : I posted on an open game that was quite old, to add to the game i made an appropriate joke about how i would become permanently banned based on the date on the last post, this was only a joke and in my opinion not worth warning points.

I would understand and accept the points of it was a month old suggestion, or event but all i was doing was bumping a game in a humerous way.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I am trawling through the games section of the forums when i go flicking through the pages, i then find a thread that I would like to participate in and get it started again. I then bump the thread with a joke related to bumping old threads, after realising, to my happiness my post had triggered other posts in the thread, essentially kickstarting the game, not after long, to my suprise I then recieve a message from triblyash saying I had recieved warning points.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : warning points removed and an explanation of why I was given the points

What could you have done better? Posted something else or not posted at all

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Admittedly, I did give the points a little quickly. But still, in most cases, we're not big fans of Necroing posts, but considering it was a forum game, we're a lot more lenient in regards to this.

Still, as long as you're aware that Necroing proper threads is bad, there's no problem here.

Appeal Granted

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