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Bunch of Problems

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So I was recently whitelisted(yaay) but can not even get into the game now.

Initially I was having problems manually updating the beta patch getting a "WRONG CD KEY" error and then I was getting a "cannot delete existing beta" problem while trying to update the version through DayZ Commander. So I tried downloading the DayZRP Launcher and every time I tried running the install it would instantly crash saying that the "patcher has stopped working".

Everything seemed to be up to date according to DayZ commander but now I'm getting this error when trying to get into the server.

*tried taking a screen but everything in game just screenshots my desktop so..*



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Sounds like you don't have DayZRP installed. If the DayZRP launcher is not working, try downloading the mod manually and install it to your Arma2 Arrowhead folder.

Once you got the mod installed, you need to activate the mod from the expansion menu ingame. Make sure you don't have any other DayZ mod activated there, only DayZRP.

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I think I figured it out.

I was launching the game by double clicking the DayZRP server, going into settings and hitting Play now or whatever with the override directory checked worked fine.

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