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Radio Message to The Cowboy.

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''I found my friends body, if you still can consider him a friend. He had a note upon his person, it read.''

'Bill, if you are reading this then I am dead, I was going to betray you, brother, you have gone too far and your mind is lost, I have met up with The Cowboy and told him that I would turn you in, bring you to him and The Watchers so they can end this and the world can become better. I loved you, Brother, but you went too far, we have been through so much together and I hope that my death will make you realize that the ones you love are going to die as a result of your actions.

Think about all the times we have spent together, Bill. We have killed so many people, assassinated so many, infiltrated so many groups, tortured & executed so many!!.. You enjoyed it and so did I, but we have saved people too, we never speak about the lives we have enhanced, we focus purely on the evil we projected into the world, but why can't you focus on helping those weaker than you, why can't you continue fighting for things you believe in, rather than the mindless slaughtering of innocents that we may call justified. You have slipped off of the edge, Brother, please stop... I will see you in the afterlife, my brother.

I hope you can forgive me, I am dead now and I ask for forgiveness... I did not betray you because I do not love you, Brother, I betray you because you need to be stopped, you have gone too far, and you will continue to. The day you shot the pregnant lady, I told you to stop, I pleaded and begged you to stop, and you threatened to shoot me right there, after all we have been through... You wouldn't listen! It was at this point I realized that even I, your closest brother, could not make you listen to reason.

I am sorry, please Bill, stop this.'

The Cowboy, this message is yours to receive.

You think killing Gorgor was a positive for the world we live in? Do you think you have saved lives? You certainly have not.

I will retire for a while, I will regroup, I will reform and gather more people and then I will return and bring hell and destruction 100 fold to what you have seen.

You should have let him betray me, all you have done is assisted me, you killed a traitor and a person willing to destroy me.

Thank you Cowboy for saving me the effort.

I will see you in the afterlife, Gorgor, I will destroy you there, too, just as I have destroyed you in this life.

This was your choice, Cowboy, just as shooting your friend was a choice. You could have ended it all, but you got caught up in the spur of the moment, the emotion!.. You didn't want to think of the greater good. You could have stopped looking for me after several other incidents too, just as I told you to, but you just kept on coming.

It was all your choice, again, Cowboy. All the pain and suffering in the future will be directly because of your actions, your ignorance and your lack of discipline. Remember this, Cowboy, when you hear of the pain I will inflict.

Remember you were the chosen one, you could have stopped it all, but you are selfish and greedy, just like I said you were, and soon you will see the consequences for YOUR ACTIONS.

Watch & Wait, Cowboy. The time will come.

'The Radio flickers with static'

(OOC. If you disapprove with the message Gorgor, let me know. I know a note was on your body but I thought i'd freestyle what it said as you weren't specific with what was wrote. R.I.P - I loved you)

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*Sits listening to the comms* Well than Mr. Rice your meeting with me is over due I will find you... Eventually and this will all end once and for all... *The Cowboy turns off the radio and falls asleep*

// Good rp this is very interestin' bub!

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Sophia quietly listens to the broadcast and then clicks off radio as the message folds into static. She quietly settles down in front of the fire and opens her journal and begins to write:

Dear Mr. Rice,

The only thing that burns in hell

is the part of you that won't let go of your life:

your memories, your attachments.

The Watchers will burn them all away, but they're not punishing you,

they're freeing your soul.

If you're frightened of dying and you're holding on,

you'll see devils tearing your life away.

If you've made your peace,

then the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth.

She closes her journal and gazes up at the stars listening to whispers of the Fallen ones. In a flash of light she disappears into the darkness as a star streaks across the sky.

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